Ibanez Rg 270 Custom

$ 450.00

This is a ibanez rg 270 that’s been completely customized and better than new. Bass wood body and maple neck and maple 24 fret finger board .New active pickups, Floyd Rose tremolo, all wiring and pots new, new switch ,new input jack, knobs,1v-2tone, new battery box, new pickup rings, locking strap holders all new. this guitar has been customized with lichtenberg burning and glow in the dark blue epoxy. it was lightly stained and cleared and sanded and buffed out to a mirror shine .The frets have been leveled and crowned and polished. Complete setup and low action. There wasn’t any corners cut in the making this guitar , a great playing and one of a kind guitar. Strings are Ernie Ball super slinky number 9s . You will not find any guitar like this in this prise range. The pictures really don’t give it Justice.