Ibanez Prestige RG652FX — Galaxy Black — Master Fretwork/Setup

$ 1200.00

This guitar is unassuming but an absolute monster. The reason being was that it was setup with a Platinum setup by none other than Rich over at Ibanez Rules. Those that know, know. This means the fretwork is leagues ahead of anything you’ll get from any factory Ibanez Prestige. The frets have been rounded to a ball end and are all perfectly level. This guitar plays like an extension of your body. This is not your average Ibanez Prestige and should not be overlooked.

Guitar comes with all stock electronics (Dimarzio Tone Zone and Air Norton set). Hardware shows some tarnish in the plating and neck has minor glossing. There is also a very set of extremely shallow finish scrapes on the back bottom edge which can easily be buffed out of the clearcoat (you can honestly mistake them for the sparkle finish they’re so small). Comes with original hardshell case with all original documentation and humidity gauge. Setup for E standard 9-42