Ibanez Prestige MM1 Martin Miller 6 String Signature

$ 1850.00

Okay…If you landed on this listing and are reading, you more than likely know all about this signature guitar made for virtuoso Martin Miller to his exacting specs.

This was purchased for a progressive music project that ran into too many COVID delays. 🥹🤯

It has only been used in a high-end studio environment and is in near perfect condition. It has been setup incredibly well. Some very light minor “wear” but no dings or scratches. It is essentially in mint condition.

We discussed with Ibanez a very small finish check at the neck pocket. We see this on most Ibanez guitars and they confirmed it is pretty much expected. We loved the guitar and how it plays so much we simply decided to live with it: Much the same as Satch and Vai have for their live guitars which have the same tiny inconsequential cosmetic “zit”. The small cost of an ultra-precision tight neck pocket and fit!!

We trust you will look up the guitar and read or reread all about it so we won’t go into its zillion specs and features. But, a few highlights…

Titanium saddles. Yes, they do make quite an improvement. The intonation and note clarity are out of sight as a result. The AZ Prestige neck is stable as all get-out and it is shaped with gently rolled edges that make Fender CS necks envious. This is an incredibly precision instrument for tonal quality and dead-on intonation all over the neck.

The Gotoh trem is in another league. Slightly touch it and it is a miracle. Or go for deep whammy effects when appropriate. It stays in remarkable tune no matter what. And it feels so smooth…

The body is extremely comfortable. The whole guitar really gets out of your way. Yes…you will find yourself using all the extra frets on the extended fingerboard. Access high on the neck is like a Lamborghini.

Let’s talk pickups…Seymour Duncan we all know is some sort of genius and his modern designs keep getting better and better. He designed these to have a natural clarity you just don’t get from vintage-leaning designs. But they have a musicality and naturalness of dynamic expression that makes this Martin Miller Signature so perfect for today’s studio and live work.

Yes…It will do classic sounds too.

We love zipping all over the neck tastefully touching the trem at times.

The guitar has 10 different pickup settings.

In the humbucker position, go to position 2 – second from top (neck) and you will fit so nicely into virtually any song. Start in this position as you get into the groove on a tune or upon arrival in the studio hearing a new tune for the first time. It somehow sits right in the pocket and allows you to ease into the song confidently and a little lightly. Then switch to another pickup position when you have the hang of the tune and wish to speak out a bit more.

The single coil mode really does work and the in-between positions are remarkably Strat-like.

You can for sure find a Tele-like position too.

And the middle combined positions are richly authoritative.

If you use a guitar processor – Fractal, Kemper, Helix, Boss, et al, this Martin Miller Signature will sort of blow your mind. So much life compared to typical guitar brands and usual models.

Please do your homework. There are no returns. This is an advanced, professional instrument of the highest quality.

And, it is not your usual flattish Ibanez neck…This Martin Miller is near-Strat-like. But we can get the action much more precise. Ibanez worked it out somehow.

Alright…enough gushing…This is the Japanese MM1. Not many have been made. COVID and other supply chain issues have made this guitar somewhat rare-ish. More recently, Ibanez pushed out the 7 string version which put the 6 string further back as well.

If you tend to feature guitar in your more trendy music, this guitar is a revelation.

If you back singers and play lots of styles or need to create expressive backing layers and soundscapes, and if you need to quickly jump forward for tasteful lead work, this MM1 will put you in the zone instantly every time.

Play faith-based “everything”?…This MM1 will sort of blow your mind.

And it will impress your singers, Producers and the audiences too.

There are a number of YouTube videos of Martin playing this guitar with his band doing all sorts of songs and styles. Proof enough for all that is said above.

Seymour, Martin and Ibanez all worked together to create a truly unique workhorse instrument that is astoundingly musical and expressive. Its build quality is perfection. It makes amps sing. It drives pedals better than other guitars you may own. And it records so well. Taint’ ‘nothin’ it can’t do.

We will cover shipping in the CUSA.

We hope it lands on your lap to take your music ahead in leaps and bounds.