Ibanez Premium RG721FML Left Handed Guitar

$ 700.00

Selling my Ibanez RG721FML in black ice flat. I purchased the guitar and sadly, I just haven’t picked it up enough to warrant keeping it around. It was set-up in June and has been well maintained and all knobs / electronics operate 100%.

Guitar’s bridge / neck pickups have been replaced with a Fishman Fluence Keith Merrow Set. All hardware is stock and a battery box was added to the back for easy battery swaps. It’s currently in “E” Standard tuning with .11-.48 gauge strings on it. Push-pull on the volume knob switches between “voice 1” and “voice 2”, but the tone knob is a dummy as it doesn’t move – by design. Luminlay side dots were professionally installed by my local luthier.

Finish wise, the guitar is in overall good condition. There is some sheen from where my the bottom of my pinky rubs while playing (pic provided), a small dot / nick on the belly carve (pic provided), the previous owner must have set the guitar down on anything but a stand because there are indents along the bottom edge (pics provided). The back is in good condition as well. No major belt rashes, etc.

If you have any questions, want to make an offer or obtain more pictures, drop me a line.