Ibanez PM120-BK Pat Metheny Signature 2000 – 2013 Black

$ 3500.00

Near mint. Withe Ibanez hard shell case.
About This Listing

Innovative jazz guitarist and composer Pat Metheny has three gold records, and he has won 20 Grammy awards. He is also the only person to win Grammys in 10 different categories. To say he’s an influential player would be an understatement. Metheny’s impact on music is lasting and sincere, and he covers an incredibly diverse territory of sounds and genres. Because of that, he needs a hard-working instrument that can keep up!

Constructed in Japan from 2000 to 2013, the Ibanez PM-120 is an instrument that can handle the broad spectrum of music that Pat Metheny requires. The PM-120 starts with a fully hollow body that is 16″ wide like a trusty jazz box, but only 2″ deep so it feels like more of a thinline. It is constructed of laminate Maple, and it is nicely resonant like a full-depth hollowbody, but its smaller size is so much more comfortable in your hands and on your lap. Plus, the neck meets the body at the 17th fret, and the unique double cutaways allow for greater freedom to reach into the upper register.

For pickups, the PM-120 uses two of Ibanez’s “Silent 58” humbuckers. Based on the sought-after MIJ Super 58, the Silent 58 also uses the same Alnico V magnets, and these pickups are also hand wound in Japan. Their tone covers a broad spectrum, retaining great clarity throughout. They are a great fit for this model because the neck pickup delivers dark, jazz tones that never sound muddy or dull, and the bridge pickup produces bright tone that can cut through any mix.

As for playability, the PM-120 is an interesting beast. In additon to the unfettered access all the way down the fingerboard, the PM-120 has a 24-3/4″ scale that makes wide-open bends smooth and easy. The shorter scale also allows you to move up the neck without having to shift your hand laterally as much. At the nut, the neck measures 1-3/4″ wide, so you have extra space on the fingerboard to stretch out. A 12″ fingerboard radius and medium-jumbo frets make for a smooth, touch-sensitive feel, too.

This 2008 Ibanez PM-120 is in nice cosmetic condition. It shows some signs of play and use, but it is free of any severe issues or repairs. The previous owner constructed an ingenious pickguard out of solid ebony, too. It is affixed to the top by the pickup trim mounting screws, so no modifications were needed. It could easily be removed and the guitar returned to 100% stock, but it’s a nice touch that many players will prefer. The setup is low and inviting, and this PM-120 sounds fantastic plugged in. Original hardshell case included.