Ibanez PIA3761 Steve Vai Signature 2020 Sun Dew Gold

$ 3703.45

Ibanez PIA made in Japan, in limited edition Sun Dew Gold with Gold, Pink and Blue inlays

Ultra thin Wizard neck, rosewood board, stainless steel jumbo frets and scalloped top 4 frets. 

In good condition, some slight wear of the finish on the middle pickup and a small dent on at the top of the guitar near the petal cutaway (see photo, it’s difficult to catch it on camera) 

from Ibanez: 

PIA Blossom inlay

The newly designed PIA Blossom inlay is gorgeous, prominent, and elegantly imparts Steve Vai’s trademark style and artistic vision.

Petal Grip

Exclusively designed for the PIA, the new Petal Grip offers a balanced, contemporary design aesthetic. It’s also meant to symbolize unity, companionship, and interpersonal bonds.

DiMarzio® UtoPIA™ pickups

Based on Steve’s latest tonal preferences, DiMarzio® UtoPIA™ pickups are voiced for smoother highs, more scooped mids, and more pronounced low-end. The pickups incorporate beautiful aesthetics and design elements meant to complement the cosmetic features of the guitar.

Edge Tremolo

The Edge tremolo bridge and groundbreaking Lion’s Claw tremolo cavity allow for rapidly increasing and lowering pitch with dramatic range and an intense voice.

Magnetic Tremolo Cavity Plate

The tremolo cavity plate is held in place magnetically, allowing for quick removal and reinstallation when changing strings or adjusting the tremolo system.