Ibanez NDM 1 2003 NO DUCT TAPE- Rare “Duct Tape Gray” paint/ Possible Prototype (Talman)

$ 600.00

Really cool guitar with great sound and play.
2003 Ibanez NDM 1  “Noodles” signature model.  What makes this one unique is the finish.  Normally this model came finished wrapped in duct tape and clear coated over.  As time went on those finishes tend to shrink, crack, and flake all over.  One in really good shape without shrinkage is worth a chunk of cash.  However, this one is very different.

A few of these models made it out there with a solid gray finish mimicking the texture and color of duct tape without the actual tape applied.  Easy to do as you just have to finish and leave the “orange peel” effect, then clear coat over.  You can see in the cavity photos that this was the intended finish result.  The taped models do have a gray undercoat, but this isn’t that.  To remove all of the tape would not leave it looking like this and would remove the loge from the head stock.  The finish and the cavity show that this is factory and not common.  
I searched as much as I can and reached out to an Ibanez rep I knew when I worked for an Ibanez dealer.  He believes it was a small run that happened either as prototypes, or latter ones once they discovered issues with the tape.  Considering the neck is stamped May 03, and the model ran through 2005, the best guess is that this may be in the prototype group though can’t be directly confirmed.  Prototype or not, these number VERY FEW.  Try finding a picture online.  You can’t.  If you do, PLEASE SEND!!!

Neck is great.  Nice and thin, but not as flat radius as most Ibanez.  This comes in at 9.5 and feels like a thin back Tele that doesn’t widen as much toward the neck.  Holds tune super well and fret are in great shape.
The sound is great as well.  Has the stock Ibanez Infinity pickups that came with it.  Clean tones shouldn’t sound as good as they do, and they just rip with distortion.  HOT vintage sounding for sure.
It has been played and has some wear.  I tried to capture as many of those spots as possible.  It is far from mint, but probably better than the aging/wear on most of the duct tape models.  The neck pocket is super tight.  Will ship with a gig back.
Talman lovers should jump on these as they are Talman series bodies, just straight up rockers.
Will be shipped UPS ground in the continental US only.