Ibanez JS700 Joe Satriani Signature

$ 1200.00

One of these was hanging in my local music store when they first came out and I never bought it. Years later I found one on eBay in Texas and here it is. It’s been a wall hanger and in its case ever since…and that’s probably been about 15 years. 

The guitar also comes with its Ibanez hard case, however it is missing one of the latches. That’s how I received it 


Here’s a bit of history from Joe Satriani Universe at

The Ibanez JS700 was the benchmark for all the hard-tailed JS Ibanez, being very different from all the other hard-tail guitars. This guitar was very connected to the bluesy self-titled Joe Satriani album. It was the fourth hard-tail JS model, after the JS6, JS600 and JS6000.

Two versions of the JS700 exist, produced simultaneously in Korea and Japan. Both had the same Sky P90 pickups, a P90N for the neck and a P90B near the Short Stop II bridge. A special feature was the neck which was made of mahogany and not maple. It’s an unique feature in the JS series. The Korean version had a “Joe Satriani” inlay on the 21st fret and the Japanese version had a “JS Custom” inlay at the same fret.

The JS700 was available worldwide until 2001 but only until 1999 for the USA and was then was replaced in 2002 by and another hard-tail guitar, the JS2000.