Ibanez JEM77B-RMR Steve Vai Signature Rock Mirror MINT Jem rare Bad Horsie Guitar Collectors LOOK!

$ 3995.00

Up for sale is my 2005 Ibanez Jem BRMR, also known as the Bad Horsie. As you can see, this guitar is mint.  I bought it NOS a few years back and it shipped to me in the original box, which I will ship her out in.  She comes with every piece of Ibanez case candy and the original hardshell case.  I did remove the original strings and had her set up to sell.  So, even though she’s nearly unplayed, it’s not going to come to you with dead strings and rusty frets.  She’s spotless, tuned up with new Ernie Balls, and ready to go.   Steve Vai signed this one, as you can see, and even he said “wow this guitar is like new!” allegedly (the last owner had her signed).  

If you’re looking for a collector quality Jem BRMR, here she is.  I’ve got a decent Jem collection and it took me forever to find a mint example of a BRMR – there are just not many out there, and the ones that are all had some wear ].  She remains mint, and the next owner will be very impressed.

Shipping will be $90 for Fed Ex Ground in the USA.

My user ID is my collection’s website. You can see some of my guitars there. Email me with ANY questions. No trades unless you have a multicolor Universe you want rid of (I would add cash). Thanks.