Ibanez JEM 77FP Floral 15th Anniversary Edition-Lightning Boy 2004

$ 5995.00

Do you recall that scene in the movie “Crossroads?” Remember the dual with the devil? Yeah, “Lightning Boy” and “Blind Dog”
were indeed headed to a place where deals and legends are born.

Then that’s when Steve Vai rolls all out there looking cool as shit playing those arpeggios with black women all throwing their skirts around. What did they call it? Oh yeah, cutting heads.

Dude, being a guitarist watching Ralph Macchio was enough
torment to make beer come out of my nose. Yeah, he was hitting those
notes, like he was hitting Jami Gertz aka “France” the love interest, I
don’t think so.

You know, I practiced that dual for months, that’s when you’d get the tab and woodshed. Just thoughts people and these thoughts are courtesy of this name sake guitar you see before you.

As I write this out, I’m laughing
my ass off. Note to Hollywood, (you can’t play a guitarist, we know
where the hands need to be and to Ralph). Dude, stick to Mr. Miyagi and
be mindful of the Cobra Kai.

Miyagi: ” Trust the quality of what you know, not the quantity.”

As for the quality of this 2004  Ibanez 77 FL? The condition is stunning and if you wanted a better example, you’d have to hop into a time machine DeLorean. The hard shell tolex case is as it left the factory kinda clean and of course this has “all” the swag. Oh yes, I know you see it. This one has a prefect Steve Vai signature on the face from the master himself. (I have the provenance at hand for the buyer.)

As for the bells and whistles? This beast is equipped with the Pro Edge tremolo and those Hot Pink Dimarzio pickups we know all to well. Setup? Naturally, “Adric the Great” takes care of that for you.  What’s that Willie?

“Lots of
towns… Lots of songs… Lots of women… Good times… Bad times…
Only thing that I wanted anyone to say is… ‘He could really play… He
was good.” Who, Danial son?