Ibanez IRON LABEL SIR70FD Iron Pewter (05/22)

$ 628.94

series SIR70FD has arrived.
It features a thin and lightweight body shape, and uses mahogany for the body material.
Maple and Bubinga 3-ply Nitro Wizard neck is not too thin, so it has an exquisite neck grip.
A Dimarzio product is mounted on the pickup to output a powerful sound. It is one that matches rock and metal songs.

There is a feeling of use including rubbing and small scratches, but there is no problem in operation.

Truss rod: There is a margin in the tightening direction / There is a little margin in the loosening direction
Neck condition: No problem
Fret: About 70% remaining
Case: IBANEZ thin case
Included Product:-

Serial number: 05022
Weight: 2.6?

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