Ibanez Iceman IC300 2004 Black Ivory Binding, RARE, Almost Perfect, Korean, Dean Pickups

$ 600.00

Despite shop
policies, this guitar is well described, and photoed. It is non

Alright everyone,
it pains me to sell this, but up for grabs is a 2004, crafted in
south korea, Ibanez Iceman IC300. I’ve had this guitar a long time,
it was an anniversary gift from my ex wife, who has sadly … passed
away. I find looking at it, and playing it to be a bit painful.
That is emotionally and physically, I was injured in 2017, and the
guitar hold my shoulder at an uncomfortable angle. So it’s time she
goes. Plus my essentials card is getting a bit up there, I have
technically already replaced the guitar and all that has to be paid

Aside from the lack
of pickguard, and the shallow gauge in the clear on the front, she’s
perfect. I am confident all the playing scratches will buff out with
automotive polish, and the small gauge should be pretty easy to fix
as well. There are small dings in the top of the guitar as well,
mostly past the bridge. Again I think the guitars surface will look
amazing after a buffing.

Guitar was not stock
when I received it, and it had gone through several other mods over
the years. It currently has brand new Grestch tuners, Earnie ball
8-38 strings (Guitar is set up for 9s), Brand new Dean VX pickups (In
the dean they put these pickups behind 250K pots, putting them behind
500s really opened up their headroom), Brand new Eco switch (the
quality on these has gone up, they are korean made now). Guitar
currently has tall shaft mini pots installed, relatively new all
parts jack. I had this guitar in a completely different config with
rotary switching, and decided it would be best to get the closest to
stock I could for sale. Never had pickguard. Guitar plays fine with
the 8s on it, but I think it’ll be better when you get 9s or 10s on
there. I have the guitar set up for 9s I believe. Grestch tuners
seems good and are of the closed gear type not trapezoid.

This guitar is going
to ship in an acoustic bag. This has been it’s home for a good
while, and it the only thing I have that fits it. It’s also just
going to be an expensive guitar to ship. It’s going to have to be
shipped in a 335 box that I have, and that is thicker and heavier. I
am willing to cover shipping at the current asking price, keep that
in mind when making offers. I suspect this guitar will be 70-80
bucks to ship at a minimum, plus big ass box, plus fuel etc. I don’t
ship to AK or HI. If I issue you a refund, it’s usually because the
shipping was exorbitant to your area, and there are a few states like
that. I usually try and talk it out with you first.

Guitar rocks and is
very nice to play, other than my handicap playing it, and the
emotional issues associated with it, I wouldn’t sell it. It would be
a good candidate for a ps10 conversion I think. Picguard planet even
makes the guards if you want to do that. The pickups aren’t
terrible, and it’s not as heavy as it looks. These are growing a lot
more rare.

Anyhow all, I think
that’s it. Please refresh ad now and then as I do change things from
time to time. Especially if I reduce the price. For example I may
remove the bag if the price goes to low. If someone grabs it at the
starting asking price I will throw in a nice Perry’s Leather Strap.

A note to previous
customers: Hey if any of you have unboxing vids, or vids of you guys
doing reviews or shows with any of the guitars you’ve bought, I’d
love to see that. Hit me up with a link.