Ibanez FRM200 Paul Gilbert Signature 2018 w/ PG-14 & MojoMojo in boxes. Read detail

$ 920.00

This is a great guitar with a major coolness factor and a great player behind it; the mini-humbuckers are really where it’s at to give you just enough power with great articulation. Unfortunately, this guitar was sold, and in transit the horn at the bottom settled in the gulf between the sealed air and and the carrier rudely dropped it, leaving a small but definite amount of cosmetic damage. UPDATE: The damage has been repaired by expert luthier and guitar restorer Mike V. in Hamilton, NJ, in the business about 20 years. Took a couple weeks to get a good match on the paint, repair photos now included. Also, the neck pick-up sometimes goes in a bit, wiggling the toggle will remedy, just a loose or dusty connection as it is full on most of the times without issue.   Someone well-versed in a little filing, sanding painting and blending could fix this pretty easily, the damage is hard to notice unless you look at it from underneath. If repaired in a shop, the repair should not be too costly. I just have too many guitars, 15 in a small room, and I’d like to get my bed back from them. I just don’t reach for it that much, it is deceptively comfortable to hold and play, but what I will tell you that you may not expect is that THIS HAS A FAT, ROUND NECK! I didn’t really expect it on that style of guitar, and always want all of my buyers to have a great experience and get what they want. HOWEVER, this does imbue it with an exceptional richness to the tone, and improves sustain. Watch Gilbert play slide with these, it really will suit about and genre. I imagine I won’t make it a year without getting another one. So, I’ve priced it lower than any I’ve seen on here, all others are 1k or over, with some big shipping costs; I will make shipping competitive. I don’t have a case for it, as it really doesn’t lend itself to being cased in anything normal, but it will be packed very well. Feel free to message me with questions about the item or business, and I will review offers. Just be mindful the item will be competitively priced to begin with, though complicated by the flaws. Shipping may be slightly delayed, as packing will be quite overdone to avoid any more complications; it will be packed tightly with dunnage and bubble wrap in a smaller,box, and then that box packed in a larger box with buffering and protection between the two.  Look forward to hearing from you!