Ibanez Destroyer DT 400, 1982. Cherry Burst. C/W flight case..

$ 1638.12

The clear out continues.
Moving on guitars and gear which I haven’t used in ages!
Here is my Destroyer DT400,  with a glorious flame top.
The last time I used this guitar was around mid 90s.  The frets are fantastic, as it has had little use in its life.
There are dings on the back of the long body part, typically, as can be seen in the photos.  Also,  there is rust on the usual place on the  bridge, where my sweaty hand rests (also shown in photos).
The volume control was frozen on full (where else, haha!), but working fully loud. The spline snapped when I tried to turn it, (but the knob still stays on) as can be seen in the pics.  I can replace this quite easily at no extra cost, but haven’t yet, as some people like all original.  I can sell it as is, and include a new pot, also.
There is a bit of fret buzz around 2nd/3rd frets on the top strings when I pulled the guitar out, so, I would say it needs a set up,  after so long!  Flight case is included.