2010 Ibanez JEM7V WH “Steve Vai” c/w Ibanez Prestige J Craft Hard Case JAPAN

$ 4190.00

For sale; a good condition 2010 Ibanez JEM7V WH “Steve Vai” JAPAN. All original condition except the tone capacitor was replaced with a similar value one. The original tone capacitor is included in the sale. Comes with the original hardshell case with accessories included.

Recently pro-setup and serviced with fresh set of Elixir Optiweb 9/42 Nickel Steel strings. Ready to play out of the case.

Product Description per the Ibanez Wiki Page:

The JEM7V, also known as the JEM7V WH (white), is a JEM series solid body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez in 1993. It is a signature model of American guitarist Steve Vai. It was produced in Japan by FujiGen. The JEM7V features an alder body bolted to a maple and walnut (originally one-piece maple) neck with a 24-fret fingerboard with pearl and abalone Tree of Life vine inlays. Components include DiMarzio Evolution pickups with a pair of humbuckers flanking a single-coil, a double locking tremolo bridge and Gotoh tuning machines. A thin basswood veneer is applied to the top and back of the body to prevent the finish from soaking into the alder and preventing the alder grain from appearing through the finish. The fingerboard is scalloped at the last four frets. The JEM7V has gone through several specification changes: the Lo-Pro Edge tremolo was replaced with the new Edge Pro in 2003; the Edge Pro was in turn replaced with the original Edge tremolo in 2010. In 2004 the ebony fingerboard was replaced with rosewood. For 2005 the JEM7V got a five-ply neck like most Japanese-made Ibanez guitars. Starting in 2013 the carbon fiber Ultralite tremolo arm was included. From 2002 until 2004 the JEM7V was also available with a sparkle blue finish as the JEM7V SBL. A seven-string version, the JEM7V7, was introduced in 2013 and discontinued in 2016. The JEM7VP is a very similar Indonesian made Premium series model which was introduced in 2019. The JEM7V was discontinued after 2019.

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