1997 Ibanez Universe UV7S – Herc Swirled

$ 6555.55

1997 Ibanez Universe UV7S “Silver Dot” that has been modded and Herc-swirled. I will describe all modded parts below but everything else is the original, authentic Universe parts from 1997 (including body, neck, bridge, tuners, etc.). I always wanted the guitar from the cover of Passion & Warfare but we all know it was never available as a production guitar. Herc painted this guitar in his PAW style and also arranged the bodywork.


  • Paint – swirl by Herc Fede (RIP) in 2003. Herc was an absolutely master swirler. His work is legendary.
  • Monkey Grip – This was arranged by Herc while he had the guitar. I don’t know who Herc used for woodwork but the cutout is immaculate and in perfect condition.
  • Clear pickguard – Also arranged by Herc while he had the guitar. I will include the original black pickguard when I ship the guitar to you.
  • Tremol-No installed. 
  • Bridge pickup: Dimarzio Evolution 7
  • Neck pickup: Dimarzio Air Norton 7
  • Push/Pull tone knob with 5-way switch. When tone is in push/down position, it is the standard Universe wiring with the in-between “Strat” voicings where the humbuckers get split. When tone is in pull/up position, the bridge and neck pickups only work in split coil mode but otherwise all five positions are just like the standard wiring (message me if this sounds confusing).
  • Inlay is the original “Silver Dot” with a Jockomo DNA sticker on top. The sticker can be removed but it does look pretty sweet.
  • Straplocks replaced the original strap buttons.
  • Knurled metal vol/tone knobs.


  • Body: Original with the monkey-grip cut into it but is otherwise undamaged. No chips, no dings, no dents, no scratches, etc. No cracks around the neck heel.
  • Neck: Original (with the Jockomo “inlay” sticker). The frets are in great shape with minimal wear.
  • Bridge: Original lo-pro Edge in black chrome finish. Minimal finish wear (see pics).
  • Tuners: Original black chrome finish
  • Single coil pickup: Original Blaze pickup because where else are you gonna get a 7-string single coil? Sounds great, though!
  • Plates: Original plates on the bolt-on neck heel and over the output jack.


  • Dimarzio swirl strap will be included with straplocks installed on it.
  • After-market hardshell case is included because I’m not shipping a guitar like this without the added protection of a case!
  • Original black/white/black pickguard is included.
  • Original black chrome strap buttons will be in the case (the comes with the installed straplocks pictured).

Does not include:

  • Does not include back plate for the trem cavity. I left it off because it covered too much of the swirl and have not been able to find it.
  • Does not include trem arm. I got the guitar used around 98-99 and the original owner did not include it.
  • Does not include the original Blaze bridge or neck humbuckers (I installed them in a different guitar because I love those pickups).