1993 MIJ Ibanez RT650 Transparent Blue Japan (DiMarzio “Prestige” Pickups + USA Electronics)

$ 793.00

Serial: #F306833 (1993)
Pickups: DiMarzio USA DP193 Air Norton (N) / DP175 True Velvet (M) / DP155 Tone Zone (B)
Weight: 7.7 lbs
Nut Width: 1.65″
Neck Thickness: 0.79” 1st – 0.86” 12th (“Viper” neck profile)
Radius: 12″
Scale Length: 25.5″

Description: An awesome and rare 1993 Ibanez RT650 Gravure Flame Blue in player grade condition. Resonant alder body, “photo flame” veneer top, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. Manufactured in the FujiGen factory, the RT650 is the highest-end model of the “Retro” (RT) line of guitars, which crosses a vintage Fender Stratocaster with an RG in terms of functionality and playability. This specific guitar is from the series’ second and final year of production. Andy Timmons played this exact model prior to receiving his own Ibanez signature guitar, and the RT is considered to be a predecessor to the AT. According to the build quality and original pricing tier, this guitar would have most definitely been classified as “Prestige” if the term were established at the time.

I bought this guitar from the original owner, who gigged it for several years. As a result, the guitar is quite road-worn, with various dings, dents, and scuffs throughout, as well as a couple thin cracks in the “photo flame” top (inevitable for the veneer type after 29 years), but none that affect the structural integrity or playability of the guitar. Upon receiving it, I made sure to give it a good cleaning, polish, and setup. 

According to the previous owner, the pickups have been upgraded to DiMarzio USA pickups, the exact configuration found in current high-end Prestige RG and S guitars. In addition, the cheaper stock wiring harness has been upgraded to a USA CRL 5-Way Switch, 500k USA CTS Pots, a .022 uF Mojotone cap, and Switchcraft Output Jack. The original wiring scheme – neck humbucker, neck inner coil middle, middle single coil, middle bridge inner coil, bridge humbucker – has been kept, and all electronics work as they should.

Professionally set-up by Wally’s Guitars in La Verne, CA. Will be shipped in a padded Gator gig bag.