1990 Ibanez MIJ 540R (Radius) Black with case **PRE LOVED**

$ 1113.97

Pre loved

Good condition and does show signs of use being 32 years old.

Frets in good shape

Bridge and neck pickup upgraded to dimarzio rail (not sure on models)

Plays very well

Original Hard case and trem bar included

The Ibanez 540R is part of Ibanez’ Radius series introduced in 1987. It was part of Ibanez’ Roadstar Pro series alongside the 540P (Power) and the 540S (Saber) models. The Ibanez 540R is therefore also known as the Ibanez PRO540R. The guitar features a very distinguished body form. The contoured body shape is beveled around the outside edge also called the aerofoil edge, which pulls the body closer to the player for comfort in playing