1975 Ibanez Destroyer 2549 Pre Serial Number – The Brown Sound Guitar

$ 10999.00

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This is the infamous 1975 Pre Serial number Ibanez 2459 Destroyer!

Made famous by Eddie Van Halen as he purchased this exact model from this exact year in 1975 at Dr. Music in Pasadena. He then gigged with it in the early Van Halen Days around the LA area. This is the same guitar that Eddie modified into what is known as the Shark Guitar seen on the cover of Van Halen’s 1980 album Women and Children first. This guitar effortlessly nails the “Brown Sound” that Eddie also made famous on Van Halen’s debut album (Think the tone on “Running With The Devil” and “Eruption”). This guitar marks a radical turning point in Rock and Roll History.

It’s a subject of great intrigue and mystery as to how many of these were made in 1975, I contacted Ibanez directly and they do not have records from back then. It’s very possible that this guitar was a prototype used at the NAMM show that year when the guitar made its debut that ended eventually in a lawsuit with Gibson. In any case, this guitar came off the exact same assembly line at the FujiGen-Gakki factory in Japan as the one that Eddie Van Halen purchased.

More Info on the history of this guitar and words from EVH himself:

Advertised as the Ibanez take on the late 1950’s Gibson Korina Explorer this guitar is actually made of Japanese Sen wood that has exceptional resonance, even better than the Gibson’s of the same era. The guitar also is super comfortable to play and has a lighting fast neck!

 This guitar was purchased in The San Fernando Valley and recently restored to nearly 100% Original Condition.

The Restoration included:

-Tuner replacement from Schaller to original Gotoh black star tuners

-Bridge pickup replacement from a vintage Seymour Duncan Custom to a 1977 Ibanez Super 70

-Original vintage Ibanez Chrome Humbucker cover installed on neck pickup. (The Neck pickup is an original 1975 Super 70, Part No. 2386-70)

-Removal of Vintage Bigsby B5 Tailpiece to fit the original tailpiece (Part No. 186).

-Compete set up by Ryan at LA Guitar Repair on Ventura Blvd. (service records included)

All other parts including the Harmonic-o-Matic Bridge (Part No. 323), Volume and Tone knobs (Part No. 2351-V and 2351-T) , Pickguard, pickup selector and Pots, Input jack, Neck strap knob and even the truss rod cover are all original and unchanged as they left the FujiGen-Gakki factory in ‘75.

In addition this guitar includes the Original case that had one latch replaced with an identical Cheney branded latch.

Also included is over $1,000 of free bonus collectible items:

-Original Vintage 1970’s Ibanez Case ($300 Value)

– Vintage 1976 Ibanez Case Candy including the original hang tags for this exact model!!(super rare)

-2x Framed Vintage 1976 Ibanez Print ads for the Destroyer!

-Vintage 1970’s Ibanez zipper tote bag for accessories

-Vintage Seymour Duncan custom humbucker pickup ($150 Value)

-Vintage Schaller Tuners with washers and screws (6x) ($150 Value)

-Vintage 1960’s Bigsby B5 Vibrato Tailpiece with original Springs ($400 Value)

-Spare Parts – Pickup Selector, various screws, replaced Cheney Latch.

-2x Cheney Lock keys for the case

-2x Ibanez case stickers

-2x Vintage 1970’s Ibanez stickers imported from Portugal!

-Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky 9-46 strings installed

-Receipts for all replaced parts

This is probably the most collectible Ibanez Destroyer you will ever see for sale, there is currently nothing like this for sale anywhere on the internet. It’s rare that a piece of equipment in the right hands can go on to change global culture writ large but this is one of those rare examples. As described above I went down the rabbit hole to restore this guitar with pinpoint historical accuracy. To make sure it was as close to what Eddie picked up on that fateful day. Ace Frehley of Kiss was also known to have played these in the mid 70’s so they are a verified Rock and Roll Machine.

You now have a chance Own a piece of history! This guitar will be headed overseas for auction if not purchased locally by the end of the year, so act NOW!

If you have any questions or want more pictures of anything I’m happy to provide. Also willing to meet up with serious buyers to demo the guitar.

I have a feeling this won’t be around long so DON’T HESITATE!


-Free Delivery Available-

– If you’re reading this, it’s still available-

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