Gretsch G5220 Electromatic Jet BT with V-Stoptail 2022 – Present Midnight Sapphire

$ 641.25

Sophisticated and sensible, Electromatic® Jet™ BT models are the
perfect real, pure and powerful Gretsch® instruments. They’re your
next-step Gretsch—bold, dynamic and articulate, and crafted with
essential Gretsch sound, style and playability.

True Jet Essence with Broad’Tron™ Might
The all-new G5220 Electromatic Jet BT Single-Cut with V-Stoptail delivers Broad’Tron™ power with classic Jet clarity.

Chambered Mahogany Bodies
At the heart of each
Electromatic Jet BT is a chambered mahogany body with maple top that
produces a rich, present mid-range that accentuates big lows and
shimmering highs.

All-new Black Top Broad’Tron Pickups
A pair of
Black Top Broad’Tron pickups drive the chambered mahogany body with
maple top through thick, aggressive overdrive while maintaining
astounding definition and note balance suitable for the most pristine
clean tone.

Versatile Controls
The Electromatic Jet BT is
equipped with essential features that give you complete tonal control.
The combination of individual pickup volume controls, master tone and
master volume with treble bleed circuit provides intuitive global
control over your pickup and tone settings.