2004 Gretsch G2910 Double Jet, Made in Korea LIKE NEW

$ 872.01

Gorgeous, hand-made, in like-new condition — Your chance to sound like Malcolm Young! 

This rare Gretsch G2910 Double Jet was made between 1999 and 2004 in Korea. In like-new condition, the plastic is still on the back plates. There is zero fret wear or other signs of use. The maple cap has a beautiful curve, you can feel the quality workmanship throughout. This is a lovely hand-crafted guitar with quality components, not mass-produced in China like the cheaper units of recent years. 

Electromatic Jet Series: Classic and Cool: The Double
Jet definitely breaks the sound barrier! Finished in a satiny smooth amber
natural top with black, white and black binding, the Double Jet features two Gretsch-designed humbucker pickups, a bolt-on maple neck with rosewood
fingerboard, an adjustable Badass-style bridge, volume and tone controls, a
pickup selector switch, a tone switch, a master volume switch, and die cast

Model G2910 Double Jet specifications:

Satin Amber Yellow (indicated by the suffix 10 in the 2910 name)

Made in Korea between 1999-2004

Chrome Hardware

Bolt-on 22-fret maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, a 24.75″
scale, and dot inlays

Maple laminate cap over a luan body (a plywood, sometimes called
Philippine mahogany)

White binding with two black stripes

‘Gretschbucker’ pickups, which sound similar to Filtertrons

Separate bridge and neck volume knobs, one master volume knob on the
lower bout

One pickup selector and one tone selector

 How the tone selector switch works: In the middle position, the tone circuit is bypassed completely
allowing 100% of the pickups’ tone to go through. The down position rolls off a
little of the high end, giving a slightly darker, softer tone. The up position
rolls off even more of the highs, providing an even darker, smoother, jazz-like
tone. The theory behind this switch is that it lets the player
make immediate, predictable tone changes in a way that can’t be done with a
rotary tone knob.