1961 Gretsch 6120 Western Orange OHSC

$ 13670.46

Welcome to JTKM STUDIO.

Here we have a truly iconic and extremely important vintage guitar, namely the Gretsch 6120 in Western Orange, complete with its original case. Read on!

This particular example comes from 1961. For some, this is quite an important period for the Gretsch 6120 as they feature the Pat-Pending Filter’tron humbucking pickups instead of the single coil DeArmond pickups and a stronger tenon neck joint.  For the player in need of noise reduction the Filter’tron pickups is a warm and very welcome addition. And respectively, for the collector it means an addition to their collection without the worry of a weaker dovetail neckjoint (and inevitable neck reset).

Other changes appear on the this period Gretsch 6120 models, those being the addition of an ebony fingerboard and sadly it was time to say goodbye to the cacti and those cows. Bye-bye cacti and bye-bye cows. A horseshoe replaced the poor old cow on the headstock to leave just one western feature. Thumbnail position markers placed the already replaced (humpback inlays) western details markers. The signpost detailed pickguard is in great shape.  Sadly Chet Atkins didn’t like the western features, but we do!

Once again, we shall let the photos do most of the talking. This beauty is all original with nothing else to add. It plays, feels and sounds incredible. The pickups are both very strong and well balanced, the frets and nut are issue-free and most importantly the 6120 is free from the deadly Gretsch Syndrome. No rotting binding and no neck-joint issues! This beauty has been played and well taken of during its life.

As you can see from the finish on the back of the neck it has be owned and played. It particular, it has been owned by a true cowboy with a tendency to stick in the key of G.

There you have it, another wonderful Gretsch here at JTKM STUDIO from the golden era of Gretsch guitars.

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