Player Alert! Gibson ES-150DC Walnut

$ 2099.99

For sale is my Gibson ES 150DC. Plays and sounds great! This guitars blurs the line between the ES-335 and the ES-175. This a wonderful vintage instrument that has aged gracefully but has had some modifications which keeps the sales price south of 3K. 

First, the wood is intact. There are no cracks or repairs on this 50 year old instrument. Frets are original and still have moderate life left. Neck is straight and the action is low. The finish has plenty of checking, worse on the back of the neck and upper F hole but no cracks. Binding is intact and nicely yellowed. Nut is 1 9/16 inches. Tuners are vintage Schallers. Pickups are ’57 classic (Epiphone version) (measure about 8.4/8.5). Lead volume pot is not original, the rest of the pots and cap appear original. Bridge is not original. Tailpiece is original. Comes with modern acoustic molded case. 

Replacement witch hat knobs coming in tomorrow

I am not exactly sure of the year. This model  was only made from 1969 to 1975. Unfortunately the serial number system in those years is not very reliable. This one has the round orange pre Norlin label which was supposedly phased out in 1969 and also the made in USA stamp that was initiated in 1970. My guess is either late ’69 or early ’70.