Left Handed Gibson SG Future Tribute 2013

$ 1100.00

This one won’t last long. It’s a rare lefty 2013 Gibson SG Future with gearless tuners. Very easy to play, very rock and roll. I’ve never gigged this guitar. It’s been at home in a smoke-free environment. I haven’t weighed the guitar but it is very light compared to my lefty Fender Mustang. I’m moving some equipment to upgrade my bass guitar collection so this one has to go. It’s too bad, it’s a lot of fun to play. I really enjoyed it, but I’m a bassist so I’m hoping this will go to a lefty who can really make it sing.

From Gibson-

Gibson USA is celebrating 2013 as the Year of Les Paul, and is blowing it up big with a new series of decade-dedicated Tribute SGs, each of which honors the artistry and innovation of inventor and guitarist Les Paul by capturing the essence of a great SG guitar from one of four different eras. All embody the full magic of this legendary guitar design, but are stripped down for improved value and no-nonsense performance. The SG Future Tribute captures the look, feel, and tone of the guitar world’s most legendary double-cutaway solidbody, and equips it for the player of the future, while making it available today. Primed for optimum playability and versatility, the SG Future Tribute carries a pair of “zebra-coil” ’57 Classic™ humbucking pickups for a blend of vintage warmth and contemporary articulation, along with a superbly comfortable custom asymmetrical neck profile. Gibson’s acclaimed bridge and tailpiece team up with futuristic Steinberger™ gearless tuners to ensure smooth playability and precise tuning and intonation.