Gibson Rusty Anderson-335-Custom Shop w/upgrades

$ 4495.00

I do not have any COA or case candy nor the original case. (The way I got it..) Case is a brown Gibson custom shop case and in very good condition.

Excellent flame, front and back, set up professionally with a nice low action and no buzzing. Case is in excellent condition too. The original parts and case candy are not included (I never had them) but if you want a CS instrument for less than a current production model, then here we go. Neck size is between a 59 and 60 profile. I have a R9 to compare it to and it is beefier than my buddy’s R0 but lives right in the middle. No noticeable fret wear nor any nicks or scratches. Real clean, I was careful with it as was the previous owner.

From the previous owner, the list of upgrades he made.

Rusty Anderson (Gibson Custom Shop Signature model) #053 of 500

Strung with Daddario 10s

Weight is 8lbs 5 oz

The following upgrades have been done : (Previous owner)

– Wolfetone Legend PAF humbuckers with aged nickel covers, double cream (like a rare set of PAF’s you’d be lucky to find in your vintage ES-335) ($340.00)
– ThroBak lightly aged black M69 pickup rings ($199.00)
– RS Guitarworks lightly aged goldhat knobs ($32.00)
– Martin Six String Customs lightly aged switch tip ($15.00)
– Area ’59 tail piece ($135.00)
– Art of Aging Gibson Historic ABR-1 ($60.00)
– Montreux ABR-1 posts and thin wheels ($35.00)
– Retrospec steel studs ($25.00)
– Retrospec rolled truss rod cover ($70.00)