Gibson R9 Les Paul Wildwood 2014

$ 7750.00

A stunning example of one of the most iconic instruments on Earth. The coveted 1959 Les Paul has been copied thousands of times over, but very few more stunning than this fine R9 dating to 2014. This example was built to spec for Wildwood Guitars in Colorado. This Feather weight LP, weighing in at a mere 8.02 lbs, comes to us in next to new condition. Certainly a great player, this is equally collectable and could quickly become ones favorite of the herd.
The “Wildwood” burst is a well done Cherry burst over the Figured Maple top. There is hardly a mark on this guitar, as it has seen very little play by its one previous owner in the last 8 years.
The frets and fingerboard are in excellent condition with not a mark to be seen. It has a straight neck with a 1 11/16″ nut width as we would expect. The neck is on the chunkier side, measuring .90″ thick at the first fret to 1.01″ at the twelfth. This is a long tenon neck joint model.
Nicely balanced humbuckers to Wildwood Specs, these have an output that measures 7.4k output on both the neck & bridge.
Comes with the original hardshell case & certificate of authenticity from Gibson Nashville