Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut 2015 Heritage Cherry W/ Original Case

$ 999.99

This Les Paul Special Double Cut is in excellent cosmetic condition with one small ding on the back of the body right where the neck attaches at the heel. The electronics are fully functional, and this guitar is set up to play and sound excellent. The original case is included along with the charging supplies for the G-Force tuners.

Gibson wanted to celebrate by releasing the 2015 Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut with a giant load of modern features and tonal treats. In addition, these 2015 releases also feature a Les Paul 100 signature and a cool Les Paul hologram to commemorate the birthday of one of the most influential pioneers in the world of solidbody electric guitars. There is no denying the contribution that Les Paul has made to the game, and the Les Paul Special Double Cut is further proof.

Lasting sustain and warm rich tone are what this guitar’s mahogany body is all about. Every note you play will have plenty of emphasis on the lower and middle frequencies, so your sound will maintain a strong depth and dark color throughout your set. The double cut on this axe gives you easy access to those higher frets, and this baby rests comfortably against your front so you can move around the stage or the recording studio with liberating ease.

The mahogany neck on your Les Paul Special Double Cut rests comfortably in your hand and transfers your playing over to your guitar’s mahogany body in seamless sonic fashion. The rosewood fingerboard on this appendage is smoother, slightly thicker, and slightly wider, so you’ll have more room to bend your strings further. You won’t be able to get enough of how smooth and silky this neck plays, and an adjustable zero fret nut lets you fine-tune your action to your own personal preference.

Your ears will love the undeniably addicting wail of your P-90 Soapbar Alnico Slug pickups. These baddies fuel your Les Paul with a forceful punch that’ll effortlessly slice through the air. Their aggressive trebly tone cleans up nicely when you bring your volume control down a little, giving you a wide range of versatile tone. These might be the most dynamic pickups you’ll experience; they work really well for a whole bunch of different styles and genres.

The technology on your Les Paul goes 21st-century with its onboard G FORCE automated tuning system. This awesome feature lets you tune your axe in one simple strum in standard and alternate tunings. If you’re harmonizing with a slightly out-of-tune instrument, like an old piano or a lightly sharp or flat backing track, this system even lets you calibrate your strings to the source’s tuning.


Dark and resonant mahogany body
Snug and comfy mahogany neck in slim taper profile
Removable pickguard
Adjustable zero fret to tweak your action
22 frets with super tight action
Pearl dot inlays
Scale length of 24.75″
Thicker, wider, and smoother rosewood fretboard
Confident wraparound bridge/tailpiece
G FORCE automated tuning system
Pair of P-90 Soapbar Alnico Slug pickups
Les Paul 100 signature and hologram
Stronger and more robust cables for higher signal integrity
Hardshell case included

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