Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 30th Anniversary 2000 – 2001

$ 3000.00

1999 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe “Limited Edition” Anniversary model in wine red finish. Great shape for a 20 year old guitar, or any guitar for that matter. Typical swirl marks in finish. A few surface scratches here and there. Smudges. Most notable imperfections include: A chip on the back of the body (pictured), and ding on the back of the neck (pictured), some wear on the back from what looks like storing the guitar with the strap (pictured), and finally, an odd “flat” fret on the treble side of the 5th fret (pictured, last photo). Not sure what that’s about and it took me some time to notice it as it doesn’t affect the function or playability of this guitar whatsoever. Maybe someone tried filing their own fret and goofed?

Speaking of frets, aside from that the frets have little to no wear on them. Like the rest of the guitar, the frets and fretboard are in pretty fantastic shape. Listing as very good condition.

Guitar comes in it’s dreamy 90s “Cali girl” style case with pink shroud still intact. As for weight, I’ll need to get it on a scale but it’s a late 90s production run Gibson Les Paul; that said, it’s not particularly light.

Selling “As-Is” so please write with any questions you may have before purchasing o making an offer. Cheers.