Gibson Les Paul Classic 2001 Ebony 1960 Reissue Black Beauty

$ 2199.00

This is one excellent example of a fairly rare Ebony Les Paul Classic 1960 Reissue from 2001.
This model has been very highly regarded as an economic alternative to a custom shop Gibson. Make sure to check out the Sound sample video!

Condition is very good. With some buckle rash in the back and a tiny nick also in the back. It did have a pickguard installed so expect the mounting holes in that area. I do not have the pickguard or mounting hardware

Frets show almost no wear at all. Neck is straight and guitar is set up with buzz free low action.

It has a few specs that make it stand out from a Normal Gibson USA model.
1. Thinner neck binding like most Custom shop models
2. A proper ABR-1 Bridge with the correct studs
3. A printed serial number (yes this is a real Gibson)

Their maybe more specs like the carve on this guitar seems a bit more pronounced but I don’t know.

Otherwise this guitar is fairly light at 8lbs 11oz. I don’t know if it is weight relieved but I will say the guitar resonates acoustically and beautifully. As a matter of fact I played this guitar unplugged before buying it and noticed that right away.

The Neck is a 60s slim and is extremely comfortable. I rarely like the slimmer neck Gibsons but this one feels incredible.

Neck is straight and perfect. The Frets show almost no wear at all and the guitar is set up with new D addario 10 gauge strings. Action is low with no buzzing or dead spots anywhere.

Pickups are the 490r and 498T humbuckers. I did change out the old tiny disc capacitors for Paper and oil types.
I have the originals and can rewire them upon request. I also wired in treble bleed caps on the volume post but again these are easily removed. Regardless this guitar sounds incredible. Be sure to watch the sound sample video

Comes with the original High end combination lock case. The combination has never been set and the plastic locking the lock is still in place.

I also added a custom toggle switch cover and will include the original cover in the case.

Feel free to ask any questions