Gibson L6-S Custom 1974 – A beauty!

$ 1495.00

  1974 Blond!
Really exceptional shape for almost 50 years! Only minor scratches and wear on edges of body. Original frets are 95%. Everything intact and looking clean. minor pitting on original Bill Lawerence pickups. tip of pickguard by horn missing(see pictures) ,strap button moved from back to over neck …other than that 100% original and functional. Stays in tune… electronics clean. Hope you like low action – we can’t get over how low this thing has been set up without a buzz – very cool.
   Comes with original case thats in great shape and a N.O.S. extra rotary switch and a copy of the original schematic-written on a 8.5″ by 11″ piece of paper! This is an exceptional example of this guitar in the classic maple on maple version they are most famous for! Please hit me with any questions you may have. Priced to move.
  Sorry this is a Continental U.S Shipping situation only.