Gibson ES-335TD 1964

$ 15500.00

I will refund the difference in shipping. It will be properly packaged and fully insured.

Guitar is in 8.5 condition but has some changed parts and modification. The neck has been shaved to 1961 specs and refinished. Nut width was retained at 1 11/16”-only the depth was altered long ago.
The factory sunburst finish on the body is original. The pickups and electronics are all original except for the pickup covers which are reproductions. Two knobs (tone) appear to be original and two (volume) are reproduction. Truss cover is original, pickguard is probably from a 67 or 68. Tuners are older Grover Rotomatics. The bridge has been changed to a Tone Pros. The tailpiece is vintage but probably from later in the 60’s. The tailpiece studs are correct and probably original. There is overspray on the back of the headstock, fixed a long while ago and stable. nut is original. Professional re-fret.
Hard shell case.