Gibson ES-335 Studio (Single Pickup) 2013 Ebony

$ 2295.00

I am the original owner, purchased new from Guitar Center on 14th St. Always kept in a temperature controlled and smoke free environment. Never gigged with, but it’s been in the studio a few times. It tracks really well.

Single Gibson dirty fingers hum bucking pickup, 1 volume and tone pot.

Neck is straight, electronics are all working perfectly. No buzz. I’ve regularly changed strings and oiled the fretboard. Currently has a fresh set of Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms.

There is a break in the lacquer where the neck joins the body. This is superficial and not a structural crack. It’s been there since the day I bought it. There is another blemish in the lacquer on the back of the head stock. There are light pick whisks in the strumming area, and a blemish on the back side where the guitar meets your body. Signs of light use for a 9 year old guitar, but well taken care of.

This thing sings! Very similar to the Tom Delonge Gibson. Plug this into a Marshall and indulge. Absolutely insane crunch and overtones. You can roll back the volume though and get some real nice clean tones as well.

Let me know if you have any questions.