Gibson Custom Shop ’64 ES-335 Reissue 2020 VOS Cherry

$ 5199.00

The new Nashville-made Custom Shop 335’s by Gibson are simply superb replications of the original instruments that we all desire. This 64′ reissue is no exception as it looks and feels like a vintage instrument and plays like an absolute dream. Starting with the build quality, this is in tip top shape the 64 sharper horns and the medium 60’s c shaped neck. The Sixties Cherry finish is a deep red with beautiful graining in the wood on the top and back. The fretboard is dark and smooth up and down the neck and the binding and fret edges are rolled to perfection. The pickups are set just right with flawless intonation that was professionally set up after purchasing. 

The tone of this instrument is smooth and sweet sounding in every position. Gibson’s custombuckers have come a long way and they have dialed in that low output PAF tone that is so sought after. The nylon saddles help the neck position to give it a squishy attack that really loves to be played both clean and with gain. In a more clean setting, it provides a warm attack and a well balanced tone throughout the spectrum. With gain, this guitar stays clear and doesn’t get muddy like other 335’s I have played. The middle position has a nice quack and can almost sound bell like because of its balance. The bridge pickup has some more growl to it, but stays very clear and even spanky because of the nylon attack. 

It is a truly beautiful instrument in excellent condition and needs a new home where it will be played. Unfortunately, it is one too many 335’s for myself and this one is not getting picked up. Thanks for looking!