Gibson Custom Shop ’64 ES-335 Reissue 2020 – Present VOS Sixties Cherry

$ 4650.00

Don’t let the shop name fool you, there is nothing nefarious about this listing. Up for sale today is a pristine example of a 2020 Gibson
Custom Shop VOS 1964 ES-335 Reissue 60’s Cherry guitar. The guitar is in practically brand-new
condition, the ONLY issue being some slight tarnishing on the pick-up covers,
the stop tail piece and the tuna-matic bridge.
I’m not sure, but this may be intentional, to try to reproduce the look
of an almost 60 year old guitar ? If you think it might add a vintage look I
will leave them that way, or if you’d rather I’ll apply my years of experience
polishing motorcycle parts to them, and they’ll look like new, your choice. And
apparently one of the period correct aspects of this guitar is the bleeding of
the maroon paint on the neck onto the aged ivory-colored binding on both sides.
I have seen pics of these guitars advertised here, some have the bleed-over and
some don’t. I find it hard to believe
that Gibson would let something out of their Custom Shop if this was a defect,
and not an attempt at reproducing originality?

As many of you are aware, sometime around 1965 Gibson
changed the neck width at the nut end of their guitar necks from 1-11/16” wide
to 1-9/16” wide. The vintage guitars
with the wider neck are much more sought after than the narrower neck.

I own a 1972 ES-335 I’ve had for 15 years. It is in
beautiful condition as well, and had a Bigsby mounted to it, which I
enjoy. I have been playing mostly
acoustic for the past 3 years, and my 335 has been in mothballs (not really). I recently have been taking lessons and am
getting back into electric guitar. I
have also been on a high dose of prednisone for the last 4 years, which has
made even my fingers get fat. When I try
to play my old 335 which has the 1-9/16 wide neck, it feels like a ukulele
compared to my acoustic guitar. So I
thought I would buy this 1964 reissue, which has the wider neck,  and sell my vintage 335.

Unfortunately it appears that no one out there seems to
think my 1972 335 is worth what I do, so it has not sold. Last week I took it out of the shipping
carton and started using it for an hour a night, and I am getting more used to
the narrow neck. That being the case, I’ve decided to keep the 1972 and sell
this new one.   I got a good deal on this
1964, so I am able to post it here for a reasonable price, compared to the
others I see on here and on Ebay.

The other thing that possessed me to buy this guitar is that
I’ve always wanted a red 335, like my heroes Alvin Lee and Dickie Betts. I saw the Allman/Betts band last year and
watched Duane Betts (he is awesome) play a beautiful old red 335 most of the

When this one arrived I found that it is much more maroon
than red. A deep beautiful maroon with the beautiful maple grain showing
through, but not quite what I was looking for.  

The 1964 reissue sounds every bit as good as my 1972 which
has the Patent Sticker pickups and original pots and wiring. The reissue has no
fretwear that I can detect, and the medium/jumbo frets make playing a breeze.
Th guitar is a work of art to look at and as I said I cannot detect a single
mark, dent, scratch or other imperfection anywhere on the guitar. The inlays on
the neck are gorgeous, the goldish mother of pearl inlay on the headstock is
elegant, and the tulip tuners keep the guitar in tune very well.

Comes with the original case and 2 keys, also in pristine
condition, and all the case candy the guitar came with, to the best of my
knowledge.   Basically you’re buying a
beautiful guitar in brand new condition, for 20% off of the original price.

I’ll be pleased to answer any questions you may have, or
provide more pictures, if need be. I am
open to REASONABLE offers. Shipping will be at the buyer’s expense, and the
guitar is offered in “As-Is, As Shown” condition, and as such is ineligible for
returns. I guarantee if you are looking for one of these guitars, you won’t
find a nicer so-called “Used” one for this price. I have put less than 20 hours on it since I
bought it, and it looks like the original owner didn’t put much more on it than
that. If he did, they were very gentle hours.  

I have almost 20 years on Ebay with over 1200 transactions
and 100% feedback, but their fees have become prohibitive and PayPal is too
biased for the buyer, so I am offering this fine guitar here. I hope one of you will give it a good home,
like I did.

Here is a link to the Gibson website with specs for the

Here is a link to the Sweetwater site where this guitar was
originally purchased for $6,000.00 It is
not the same guitar in this auction, but a twin sister.

I am pleased to offer this guitar and would be proud to say
I sold it to anyone. That being said,
please don’t bother trying to ask me to lower my price because you to have to
pay the sales tax for it. I’m sorry, the fact that you live in a state (or God
forbid Canada) that requires you to pay sales tax on your purchases is in no
way my problem. I had to pay sales tax for this guitar when I bought it. I was
surprised at how many requests I’ve gotten like this.

Please review the photos carefully, but I guarantee there are no surprises with this guitar.