Gibson Custom Shop ’57 Les Paul Junior Reissue Pro Headstock Repair 2006 – 2017 Vintage Sunburst VOS

$ 1800.00

This is one of my favorite guitars of all time, & yes it is a VOS Custom Shop 57 Junior with a volute, LOL!!!
Selling my Gibson Custom Shop 57 Junior VOS Reissue, which is actually in really great shape aside from the fact that it’s had an unfortunate headstock break at some point..
It was like this when I got it & I’ve owned it about 5 years now…

It is NOT stock, there’s a Mojotone Quite Coil in it currently, as well as a aged compensated replacement bridge..

That said I do have all of the original parts, including the original pickup..

Shelf construction, hide glue, single piece mahogany body! Pretty much everything  that you would expect from a guitar of this caliber, & error for that matter!

Extremely low action & every note rings out clearly. She plays like an absolute dream! Deep growling tone, to a sweeter than a vintage Stratocaster all depending on what you do with those two little knobs…

Whoever ends up with this guitar is going to be very, very, happy! I wish I could keep it but I mostly play a Tele these days? 
Also, my son is graduating high school this year, & going off to college soon. So It’s getting to be about time to slim down the collection..

Priced to sell!!!