Gibson Celebrity Series SG Standard 1992

$ 2200.00

Up for grabs is Gibson SG Celebrity Series Standard. Has mojo for days. Murphy Lab wishes they could relic this good. This thing has wear, it has dings, it has a couple sticker marks on the back, the gold has been tarnished. The case has been perfectly reliced. 420% certified rocker. The neck pickup is stock and the bridge is a Dimebucker. Pinch harmonics for days, baby. The tuners have been replaced with black locking tuners. This Celebrity series took off some of the tuxedo because it was ready to party hard. This thing has wear, if that wasn’t clear. It feels like your favorite pair of jeans though. This isn’t for some OCD type that makes videos about having 100 scratch free Gibsons, this is for someone that wants a road dog.

Local pickup in Austin is fine. Please message any questions or concerns. Thanks.