Gibson 59 Les Paul Historic Reissue R9 2012 Creamtone Factory Upgraded 2012 Faded Tobacco

$ 5999.00

Gibson 59 Les Paul Historic Reissue NOS 2012 Creamtone Factory Upgraded to make this R9 more like an R9 new from 59. See the list of upgrades in photo of the list of parts and Certificate of Authenticity.  The pickups are made by Benson Custom Pickups to Creamtone specs. The naked double cream (rare style) PAFs look great and put together using similar materials like they were back 1950s. Note* the PAF covers were never installed and uninstalled. What you see is out of the box OEM Factory Creamtone work. The wiring harness uses 500K CTS Creamtone spec’d with real 1950s Paper in Oil Sprague Bumblebees. See Creamtone Bumblebee wiring harness Certificate in photo. Gibson does not use real Bumblebees as they are very rare and very expensive. In fact Creamtone rarely has PIO Bumblebees for 59LP in stock and when they do, they fly off the shelf very fast. The Creamtone Tite Tone strings are done on top wrap over the bridge like many rock stars prefer. The ABR-1 tune-o-matic is brsss Creamtone spec’d with brass mounting studs like in an OG 59LP. Creamtone used two thumb wheels for added support like they did on vintage Gibsons. The Creamtone thumb wheels are true Historic spec’d in size. The Poker Chip is true vintage spec’d and 100% hand made individualy by Lonnie. Creamtone truss rod cover is made like they were in 1959 rolled with imperfect ripples. All plastic parts are handmade by Creamtone and are true vintage spec’d (pickup rings, poker chip, switch knob, pick guard, truss rod cover, jack plate, electrical back covers.The volume and tone knobs are made by Carter Vintage for Creamtone and are true to 59 spec. Little details like gaps and imperfections with the plastic that were found on vintage 59LPs and present here. Creamtone made this guitar close to a vintage 59LP. Closer than Gibson. In fact Gibson could learn something from Creamtone. Lonnie might be working with Tom Murphy to supply all plastic parts  for future Murphy Lab Gibsons. The sound is on this Creamtone 59LP is superb. Lonnie really nailed it and IMHO way better than any Gibson OEM including a Murphy Lab when it comes to sound and authenticity. It’s more like a new 1959 from 1959. This guitar has never been used and is in new near mint condition. It’s not hanging on a wall for customers to play. This one is hands off. You can see in the photos they are some manufacturers imperfections. Creamtone did a fret leveling job and set up.
The neck is straight as an arrow. Lonnie at Creamtone is an outstanding guitar luthier and manufacturer and a really good person. In fact, he is also a friend. Please go to CreamTone Vintage Design
to check out his shop and parts. Maybe you like some stuff and give him business. He is a one man shop and loves his customers.

Comes with original box and all OEM and Creamtone case candy with OEM Gibson mint condition case.

Thanks for shopping with me and Rock-On!