2017 Gibson Explorer Custom

$ 3800.00

Up for sale is a 2017 Gibson Custom Shop Explorer Custom. 

This is a very special instrument. This Explorer represents
the first time Gibson married Les Paul Custom appointments with an Explorer
body and headstock shape. Gibson later began to produce more Explorers with
Custom features, but this instrument is part of the original run from 2017 of
only 200 instruments. 

The guitar is in very good condition. The instrument shows
normal play wear – there are minor scratches in the finish in various places,
including the tip of the “hockey stick” headstock and the point of
the lower horn, and the gold color of the bridge pickup and bridge have worn
away where the player’s hand rests. Additionally, there is a small chip in the
finish on the lower horn, and the nut for the input jack and the bottom strap
button are missing. I have pictured these above. 

The guitar is entirely stock except for two minor
modifications: the neck pickup has been rotated 180 degrees so that the pole
pieces face the bridge (a la Gary Moore) and the original black knobs have been
switched out for silver-topped knobs.

Sonically, this Explorer delivers. The humbuckers sound
amazing, whether clean or distorted, and the overall feel of the instrument is
fantastic – the body shape lends itself well to an overall balance and the
chunky neck ensures that each chord sounds powerful. 

This is a once-in-a-blue-moon instrument. If you have any
questions, please feel free to ask. This Explorer will ship in its original,
used Gibson Custom Shop hard case, pictured above. The case has very minor bumps and scracthes on its outside.

Serial number has been obscured in provided photos to prevent misuse of images.

Shipping is to the
continental US only. Thanks for looking!