2011 Gibson Custom Shop Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess Viceroy Brown AL103 ~Video~

$ 5999.00

As seen in the video is a 2011 Gibson Custom Shop Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess in Viceroy Brown with the original case and certificate of authenticity. This guitar is in very good condition, and in perfect working order. There are some light scratches, dings and wear on the back. Overall, I would rate the condition a solid 8.5 out of 10. Everything on the guitar is original. There are no cracks, repairs, or issues. The neck is straight with no issues and plays great. The original frets are in excellent condition with very minor wear. There is no buzzing or dead spots. The original case works great and is in excellent condition. Watch the included video to see live video of the condition and hear how the guitar sounds.


Serial Number: AL 103
Nut Width: 1.69″
1st Fret: 0.80″
12th Fret: 0.94″
Neck Type: Rounded Axcess
Finger Board: Rosewood
Pickups: 496R & 500T, Piezo (2 push/pull series/parallel pots, 1 push/pull piezo on/off pot)
Weight: 8b 14oz

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