1995 Gibson Les Paul Studio Ebony Black Electric Guitar

$ 2000.00

This is a 1995 Gibson Les Paul Studio. It is all original except a VERY nice refret with medium size wire. The previous owner didn’t like the larger frets and, although he didn’t play the guitar much before or after the refret, decided to have it done. As you can see, the frets are at 100% life. The guitar is in very good shape and really was never gigged. It does show some signs of use, but has never had any cracks, breaks, or previous repairs. It weighs in at 9.1 lbs.

The guitar is an EXCELLENT player. It has recently been cleaned and setup with 11’s, and is a monster guitar. The combo code latch on the case has been pried open and is broken. That latch is really the biggest issue with this guitar!!

Not much else to say. It’s an all original example in very good shape, and is hard to put down..

Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.