1964 Gibson SG Junior

$ 4500.00

This thing was a mess when I got it… mismatched tuners, crap 70s wiring, some ham-handed idiot put a 70s style bridge and stop tailpiece on it at some point, and at some other point some very good luthier took that crap off of it and plugged the holes with mahogany. I put on Grover nickel button 3 on a strip tuners, and since the guitar originally came from Kalamazoo with a Vibrola I put on a nickel one from Crazyparts. Can’t tell it from an original. I also replaced the pickguard, as the original was warped and cracked. The original comes with it, as does the original wraparound bridge. I replaced the garbage wiring and pots with a harness from Sigler music. The guitar still has its original P90 and will sing or scream, depending on where your volume is at. This is one of the most responsive P90s I have ever heard, back the volume off and it cleans up beautifully, crank it and it shreds, back the tone off and you’re almost in neck pickup territory. Just an incredible sounding guitar. And did I mention how it plays? I’ve had it professionally set up and it plays like a dream. Awesome fast skinny neck. Never a headstock crack, original finish, original scratches and dings. Absolutely loaded with serious mojo, not a pretty museum piece, but a player’s dream. You NEED this guitar.