’04 Gibson SG ‘’SUPREME’’ (Fireburst!!!!!!!!!)

$ 3179.38

Gibson SG Supreme…………along side the Custom Shop models, this is
one of the best SGs that you can find on the market today! This particular one
was built during the year 2004…….having had only 2 owners (me being the
2nd). It has one of the wildest Flame Tops that I’ve ever seen on a
Gibson…..it’s called ”FIREBURST”!!!!! In terms of modifications, as you
probably noticed from some of the pictures, there are only 2. The first one is
bridge that’s been swapped for a beefier one. And the second………all 4 knobs
are made of gold-plated metal, just like the rest of the
hardware……resulting in a really nice look. But as for the rest, the
pickups, the tuners….and the rest of the electronics are all factory.
Speaking of pickups, they are the infamous Gibson Classic 57’s……which both
sound out of this world. Fretboard is made of ebony…..as opposed to the
Richlite which Gibson uses on their newer models. Markers in the fretboard are
unique to the Supreme model. And lastly, as for it’s condition…..it’s very
good overall. Not much to report. Few light marks here and there…..nothing
scary. Sold with it’s original Gibson USA hardcase which is practically like
new. Should you have any questions about this guitar, please feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks for looking!!!