Vintage Fender Stratocaster 1972, Lightweight, Nitro, Custom Shop Ybarra pickups, Emerson harness

$ 3300.00

Here is a 1972
Fender Stratocaster. The guitar is not 100% original, but I used vintage and
high-end parts putting it together as I was not planning on selling it. Sadly, I
must part with it. The guitar is ready to rock and has all the outer “vintage
vibe” with some newer stuff under the hood. To some this will be a big

Vintage parts
include- Tuners with mounting screws (they hold tune well). Neck plate and
screws. Tremolo, saddles, trem arm and tip (threads are good), springs, claw and
screws. Jack cup. Original strap buttons and screws.

The pickguard,
pickup covers, knobs and switch tip are all from a 1971 Strat. The pickguard
had 3x small holes from a synth pickup between mounted the tremolo and the
bridge pickup. It also had 2x holes from mounting a different pickup selector
switch. These holes were professionally fixed by melting vintage plastic from
another pickguard into a paste to fill the holes. The color matches very well
and the repair is barely noticeable from a couple of feet back.

The body is very
nice grained, lightweight swamp ash. The whole guitar only weighs 7lbs 10oz!
This was an early guitar that was finished in thin nitro over the Fullerplast
sealing coat. The original nitro shows the delicate checking we all love and
there are some larger crazing marks in the Fullerplast under coat. There is no
routing in the control cavity or anywhere else. A rare survivor of the 1980’s!

The neck is in
good shape with a 1972 date stamp in the old style like the 1960’s guitars. The
neck was professionally refretted just over a year ago. The frets are taller than
vintage frets but still narrow like the original frets. The frets show no wear
and were recently polished. The neck has a nice chunky “U” shape to it and
feels full for being a 1 5/8” nut. This is also one of the rarer necks that has
a single string tree like the earlier Fenders.

The electronics
are rare Abigail Ybarra initialed Custom Shop ’69 pickups with an Emerson
wiring harness. Their harness includes a proprietary paper in oil capacitor, a
treble bleed and a 5-way CRL switch.

The pickguard and
back plate screws are gently aged nickel. The back plate is from a 1990’s RI
and is single ply like some of the early 1970’s Strats. There are new holes in
the body from this being mounted but there are no other body modifications other
than these.

Set up with 10-52
strings. Fender tweed case is similar to some of the cases used in Custom
Shop guitars. It has the center pocket with a neck stabilizer and nicer lining. Ships lower 48 states. Plays great sounds great and needs nothing! Feel free to ask questions.

Video cycles through all five pickup selections. It starts
with the Purple Haze riff which is the bridge pickup into a fuzz and then
direct in the amp. The rest of the licks is just the guitar plugged direct into
the amp. Recorded with a SM57 into a cheap Behringer digital converter then
into QuickTime. As basic as you can get.