Fender Telecaster Custom with Maple Fretboard 1973 – 1978 Walnut (Mocha)

$ 2578.96

Original Fender Telecaster Custom from early 1976 with maple soundboard in excellent condition for its 44 years.
Has only minor scratches as shown in the photos. Condition is 100% playable, no noise or other problems, only the frets are a little worn on top of the fingerboard.
Years of manufacture: 1972/1981
Case style: Single-piece
Wood species: Alder, maple fingerboard
Design features: One single coil and one humbucker pickup designed by Seth Lauver, black fretboard, volume and tone controls, 25 1/2″ scale length, full-through strings
Comes with new Daddario XL 0.10 strings and original hard case, a little battered (but that’s what cases are for).