Fender Telecaster 60th Anniversary Tele-Bration Mahogany 2TS 2011

$ 1525.25

Serial # us11284044
Model 17-0151-703

On its 1951 introduction, the Telecaster was a revolutionary
instrument that would usher in whole new eras of musical innovation and
excitement. Sixty years later, in 2011, it is an archetypal electric guitar
with a long and storied history. The rich history of Fender guitars begins with
the Telecaster, and we’re celebrating its 60th anniversary all year with 12
very special “Tele-bration” models that stay inside the Telecaster’s
famously elegant lines while offering the finest and most unusual takes on the
instrument’s past, present and future.

A mahogany body
distinguishes this remarkable Telecaster model, which also features a gloss
urethane finish, split-coil neck pickup, humbucking bridge pickup and maple