Fender Stratocaster Partscaster Purple Chameleon SSS Strat

$ 699.00

Up for grabs is an absolutely gorgeous partscaster guitar. The neck is a fender licensed mighty mite neck, with fender usa locking tuners. Fender thick block usa bridge, trem springs, string trees. Full-size CTS pots with cloth push back wire and a paper in oil tone cap. GM professional alnico 5 set, vintage in the ~6k range.

The body was bought from a us based vendor in a custom purple chameleon finish. Wood is North American alder Changes color a bit in the light, and very shiny. Needs a little fret work, but plays and sounds fantastic as is. Couple marks on the back where the back plate would go. Mint green fender pickguard. And all knobs and switch tip etc are usa fender