fender stratocaster 1969

$ 13285.65

Fender stratocaster 1969 sunburst rosewood fret board , neck and body all marked as in photos 1969 , pickups 1968 , pots 1968 and 1969 , changed 5 way switch , refreted but frets as new jumbo , original tuners , pickguard ,  tremolo block may be changed to a heavier block , everthing else looks good , i have owned this guitar for 15 years and its never let me down ,plays like Hendrix that mellow tone , comes in original case , with ace 1960,s  strap , and 1960,s guitar chord , its a beautiful guitar , its been played and well loved , i could break it up and get more for the parts but that would not be right thing to do , the pictures tell the story , only selling to buy gibson 1933 L century guitar , thanks check with me for overseas freight price.