Fender “Squier Series” Standard Stratocaster 1992 – 1996

$ 399.99

Here is a guitar you don’t see every day, the infamous “Black Label” Stratocaster. If you aren’t already familiar, don’t be fooled by the “Squier Series” moniker; this is 100% a real Fender guitar. These guitars are becoming increasingly sought after, particularly for their fantastic necks.

This particular example is finished in a striking Torino Red with Rosewood fingerboard. It also bears an MN4 serial, making it a 1994, and dating it to the “factory fire era”. The story goes that when the Mexico factory burned down in early ‘94, Fender started using Corona USA necks and bodies on their Mexico labeled instruments until the factory could be rebuilt. Is this really basically a USA Fender? Who knows, I’m not one to say. But it gives you a cool story to go along with the guitar at the very least.

Action is nice and low at around 4/64” at the 12th fret, and the guitar has been properly setup and intonated, along with receiving a nice cleaning and fretboard oil. This guitar is nice and light with excellent playability, and would be perfect for a gigging musician.

This guitar has a few rash areas as pictured, along with a few miscellaneous dings and a couple of finish check lines on the top. Nothing that you’d see from on stage, or even from 6 feet away, but worth mentioning.

If you’re looking for a Mexico Strat with a little something different to set you apart from the herd, this guitar is for you!