Fender Jaguar Baritone Custom (w/ Gig Bag) 2005 Sunburst

$ 1600.00

Rare Baritone Custom recently set up with La Bella flats, tuned standard (E-e). These don’t come up often being that they were only manufactured for a year. Incredible player, just don’t use it enough. A few cosmetic scrapes on the rear. Updated pots/cap/resistor. Comes with gig bag.

From the wiki:

The tuning for The Baritone Custom is set one octave lower than a standard tuned guitar. Using the same bass string set as the Bass VI model but with a shorter scale length giving the Baritone Custom less string tension.

The body shape, pickup, and its switching setup are identical to the two pickup Jaguar model. Its electrics (but not pickups or body shape) are like the four-string Jaguar Bass, which was issued in 2006 and still in production today.

It has a fixed bridge rather than the Fender floating tremolo used on the Bass VI and all other Jaguar models. Only the Baritone Custom, its variant, and models of the Fender Jaguar Special HH lack a floating tremolo.

All these have separate and similar belly-mounted bridges and tailpieces.

At the end of 2006, Fender decided to discontinue the model entirely. There have been no intentions to start manufacturing it again.