Fender Deluxe custom Seymour Duncan Hendrix

$ 1249.00

Incredible guitar!!!
This is a state of the art Stratocaster-
Your next #1.

This is one of the nicest guitars to come out of the suite E vault!

Fender Deluxe body
2016 Fender 62’ Avri custom shop rosewood neck (plays like a dream)
Hip shot locking tuners19:1
Vega Trem!!! This is the best tremolo I’ve ever used
Hand a wired Seymour Duncan Hendrix
Matched set
Fender “72 “ knobs

This is no doubt one of the best set ups you can hope to get Without breaking the bank!

Comes with a priming hard shell case
And free delivery-

There’s nothing more to say accept peel the pick guard and this one should speak for itself

The original Suite E Santa Cruz!